Area Theatre Organs

Northeastern Ohio is blessed with many theatre pipe organs in working condition.  Many are in public venues, some are in private residences.  This page offers a few details about those in public places.

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3/15 Wurlitzer - Cleveland Grays Armory, downtown Cleveland.  While almost completely original, this organ is currently in excellent operating condition and the voicing is virtually as it was when it left the factory.   Also, while it belongs to the Cleveland Grays, WRTOS maintains it and produces two public concerts each year on this organ.

3/15 Kimball – Cleveland Palace Theatre (part of the Cleveland PlayhouseSquare), downtown Cleveland. This organ is a transplant from about 15 years ago, and is enjoyed by the public on special occasions. The Cleveland Playhouse Square is the largest performing art center and theatre complex outside of NYC, having four completely restored and updated 1920’s movie palaces interconnected; three of which are accessible to each other indoors as next-door neighbors, with the fourth only 4 doors down the street!

4/28 Wurlitzer – Cleveland Masonic Auditorium and Performing Arts Center (PAC).  This organ is currently in the installation process at this facility, and it is our goal to have it concert ready in 2011. This instrument was originally installed in the Granada Theatre in San Barbara , CA in 1924 as a special 4/17, and had been in a Pasadena residence; having been modified and voiced by Gordon Kibbee.

 3/19 Wurlitzer – Akron Civic Theatre. About eight years ago, this organ was completely restored and updated under the guidance of Lyn Larsen, Carlton Smith, and others from an original style 240 Special, 3/13.  The theatre is stunningly gorgeous and was restored and updated shortly after that. It is an Eberson atmospheric movie house, complete with fully operating twinkling stars and dual cloud machines.
3/12 Kilgen – Palace Theatre, Canton, Ohio. This is another Eberson atmospheric house that has been partially restored, and the organ was recently rebuilt and improved. As one of the extremely rare original installation Kilgens, this organ is frequently used and is in excellent condition.


 3/20 Wurlitzer – Renaissance Theatre, Mansfield, Ohio. The famous "Joe Kearns" Wurlitzer has had this venue as its home for the past 21 years. The installation was supervised by Lyn Larsen and performed by Ken Crome. It is a true treasure of an instrument in a medium-sized city movie palace that sees frequent use with multiple types of entertainment including live stage productions, movies, and an occasional theatre organ event. There are 1,400 seats. The console is currently being updated with a new combination action for use at the 2009 ATOS convention.
3/10 Wurlitzer - Palace Theatre, Lorain, Ohio.  This is an original and intact 1928 installation!  Just the way it was when installed by the Wurlitzer Company.