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PAC Wurlitzer Project


Several artists and organizations have given WRTOS the authority to sell a few of their CDs to help us raise money for our PAC Wurlitzer Installation project.  This page lists two of them that you can order for either USA or International shipping using the convenient PayPal system

Please remember, 100% of the proceeds of these sales goes directly to the WRTOS Wurlitzer installation and maintenance fund.

Any serious collector of theatre organ music should own a copy of this 2 CD album!  Nine top shelf artists have come together to produce this one masterful recording.  As you can see in the photo, others sell this double disk CD set for $30.00 - but WRTOS can offer it for only $20.00 plus appropriate shipping costs.

 Purchase Wheaton Fox All Stars CD - Domestic Shipping


Purchase Wheaton Fox All Stars CD - International Shipping