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Many theatre organ aficianados have installed instruments in their homes.  Some are complete as originally installed in a theatre, most are pieces of various theatre organs that became available.  One of the benefits of membership in WRTOS is the opportunity to see and hear these residence organs during one of our monthly social events.

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Aveni Residence.  You can now purchase a CD of recordings by various artists made on this instrument.  100% of the profits from the sale of this CD benefit the WRTOS organ fund.  Click this link for details.

 New CD - "Magnifico!"



Harold Wright Residence




Residence Wurlitzer under construction by member









 Digital Organs

Modern digital technology has enabled designers to effectively reproduce the sound of a theatre organ without the attendant maintenance (and size)of actual pipes, blowers, wind lines, etc.  Several WRTOS members have installed such Virtual Theatre Pipe Organs (VTPO) in their homes.  Here are a few of these organs:


Doug Powers Walker Digital




Robert White Allen/Miditzer Digital

Daniel Rowland Hybrid/Miditzer Digital




 Don Frerichs Roland/Artisan Digital