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WRTOS has been sponsoring Theatre Organ concerts every year for over 45 years using the 3/15 Wurlitzer organ we installed at Grays Armory in downtown Cleveland.  The organ is a historic instrument, remaining very close to it's original configuration.  The venue has excellent acoustics - the sound just rolls around the hall.  Unfortunately, there have been no CDs recorded on this instrument - UNTIL NOW.
A recent concert featuring Jonathan Ortloff (with Allan Ward on drums) was professionally recorded, and a CD has been produced.  WRTOS is proud to offer this newly released CD - Roll Out The Big Guns.  Now you can order this CD from this web page.


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The fomer Vince Aveni residence Wurlitzer is without a doubt one of the premier installations in the United States.  This 4/60 instrument with magnificent console and visible chambers not only looks great, it sounds great!  

WRTOS commissioned a recording on this wonderful instrument with 100% of the proceeds going toward the restoration and installation of our chapter owned 4/28 Wurlitzer. Nine artists have graciously donated their services to make this happen.  The result is a one of a kind recording that you are sure to want in your collection.  Over 78 minutes of world class performances.  Once you hear it you will surely say "Magnifico" !!

We are now able to accept payment for both domestic USA shipping addresses and international shipping addresses via your credit card using the PayPal system. 

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