Local Organs

Local Theatre Organs

Canton Ohio Organ

Canton Palace Theatre

1926   John Ebersen Atmospheric                  Canton, Ohio

Spanish style, had a 16 piece orchestra with the organ in November of 1926.

1926 Kilgen Wonder Organ     3 manual 9 rank  

Original installation.   Restored in 1993, by Kegg Organ Builders of Uniontown, Ohio 

 Current 3/11 rank.

Dedication concert by Clark Wilson, 1993

Originally installed on a lift, house right.  Includes, bird sound, siren and Chinese gong.  

Banks Kennedy, first organist. First song played for the public,  “Valencia.”  First film “Tin Hats.”

 Still used regularly for preshow and silent film presentations.  

Mansfield Renaissance Theatre

1928       Nicola Petti Design – Grand Baroque    Mansfield, Ohio

Original 3/10 Kimball organ removed in 1968  (destroyed)   

3/20 Wurlitzer installed 1985 (Ken Chrome)  (Opus 2022) (Voiced by Lyn Larson)

Original installation in the Warner Brothers “Sunset Blvd” studio 1929 as a 3/18. Moved to KMX radio studios CBS, used for the Amos and Andy Radio show  with Gaylord Carter, organist.    Purchased by actor Joe Kearns 1955,  upgraded to 3/26 for his home installation.   

Dedication concert 1985 by Lyn Larsen

Akron Civic Theatre

1929      John Eberson atmospheric for Marcus Loew      Akron, Ohio

3000 seats  Moorish castle design

Original installation  3/19 Wurlitzer Opus 2029

Lorain Palace Theatre

1928    Italian Renaissance   Variety Amusement Co.     Lorain, Ohio 

1720 seats   Largest one floor theatre in Ohio.  Opened with Organ and Orchestra.   

Opening night,  silent comic film “Something Always Happens.” And Vaudeville acts. 

Original installation  Wurlitzer  Opus 1858    Style 220  3/10   

Sandusky State Theatre

1928    Schine Theatre                   Sandusky, Ohio 

3/8 Page Organ    First film, “The Night Watch” 

Removed in 1961, returned to theatre in 1995 

1999 Dennis James played “Gold Rush” for re dedication

Currently the theatre is closed due to partial collapse of the stage walls, and destruction of the organ chambers during a storm in June 2020.  Restoration is underway. 

Marion Palace Theatre

1928        John Eberson Atmospheric                Marion, Ohio 

Original 3 manual Page Rainbow Gold.  Sold (date unknown)   Organ and Orchestra

First Organist  Banks Kennedy, opening song  “Everybody’s Welcome to the Palace”

First film,  MGM  Excess Baggage    Spanish Moorish Atmospheric

Current:  Wurlitzer 3/10 style 235 Special Installed 1978,    Restored 2003 

Original to the Mars Theatre in Lafayette Indiana 1924.

Ashtabula Ohio Theatre Organ

Ashtabula Lakeside High School

1921    3/15 Kimball       Ashtabula, Ohio 

Original to the Lincoln Dixie Theatre in Chicago, removed about 1970, installed in Lakeside High School 2013