In 2006, the Western Reserve Theatre Organ Society was fortunate to receive the donation of a very large Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ that had been in storage for many years.  We were succsesful in reaching agreement with the Cleveland area Scottish Rite to install the Wurlitzer in their Cleveland Masonic & Performing Arts Center (PAC).  In 2007 work began to replace and repair worn and deteriorated components.  We have accomplished much over the past 60 months.  Here is a synopsis.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm very dedicated and productive groups of WRTOS volunteers slaved away at work “parties”.  Building the chambers is complete (we had to start from scratch).  We completed moving the rebuilt chests into the chambers.  Wiring and winding is now complete.  The console has been rebuilt and refinished – and the electronics are complete and functional.  We have completed the long tedious process of applying the initial tuning to the more than 2400 pipes that sat dormant in crates for 15 years or so.  Then came tonal finishing and fixing the gremlins as they appear – an equally tedious task.
The organ is now complete and we have held the world premiere concert.  Click the following link to read an article about our new instrument.
 Here is a brief video showing a few highlights of our progress so far.

Restoration/installation projects like this used to be rather common in ATOS chapters years ago. It is becoming much less frequent, and the grassroots support of our collective mission is definitely affected by this. Your chapter is aimed at turning that around, and it needs your support. 

If you can’t support our project with your time, please consider financial assistance.  Western Reserve took out a sizeable loan to purchase parts and building material to keep this project on track.  While we have now paid off this loan, we still need donations to help us finish the project.  Please support our efforts by making a donation right now.